Anonymous: Doot doot

This is absolutely glorious.

  • american pie: this'll be the day that I
  • campers: DIE DIE DIE DIE
  • campers: LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE
  • campers: SEX SEX SEX SEX
  • campers: MORE MORE MORE MORE
  • campers: ORGYYY
  • REBLOG if your icon is actually you.

    God, the PCTYD is already kicking in. I miss everyone so much. I miss PDOX, which thoroughly broke our minds, I miss the inside jokes (if you could even call them that) that we had as a class. Purple pencil cases, albino ravens, black ravens, pink shrimp, the freaking wall coin, negative one-twelfth, everything. I miss spazzing out with y’all as we walked to Farinon or to class or to the dorms. I miss aggressively skydiving into the pavement, creepily saying the word “moist”, the oh-so-beautiful tan lines, having you guys spam me with banana emojis on Kik, and the teasing about my Beijing accent (“我是一朵花儿”). Okay, maybe not so much the last two, but you get the point. I miss our idiotic dance to “Talk Dirty”, our even sillier “song”, the tongue-clicking, the “or naw”s, the “facts”, the “you buggin‘“s, I miss so much. The magical tomato powers, the “my signature is too sexy for you”, the failed frisbee throws and catches, the tally of Luca falling back in his chair (although maybe I don’t really miss that), the chill study halls; I miss it. I want to relive the Sprouts game, the back-and-forth tongue-clicking, the never-ending card games, the dances, the Passionfruit. Oh, the Passionfruit. How I regret not going up and pouring my heart out to those thirty-or-so people gathered in that circle at 5:30 in the morning, clutching half-filled cups of pomegranate juice. Oh, how I miss it already. To the seven-year-Satans, the five-year-freaks (like I could have been), the one-year-wonders, and even the squirrels; to the troubled souls that I have encountered, to the not-so-sad CTYer, to all of us that have been welcomed to this enormous community again, to those who have never “belonged” but have here; I like you, I love you, I CTY you. Take advantage of those three weeks every year, because you only have a limited number. Live like you never have before, because you’ll regret it if you don’t.

    Anonymous: how has your day been?

    I think this is kind of late, but today has been good. It was my first day of summer break, and I’m relieved that I’m away from the stress that is high school. I did pretty much nothing except watch gameplay of Super Danganronpa 2, and I made cupcakes. I haven’t started packing for CTY yet, though, and that’s on Sunday, so I should hurry up. How are you, anon?